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  Astrology   2006 Lunations and Eclipses

NEW MOON: This is the best time for new beginnings, as it adds a new infusion of potential. Opens fresh, new possibilities and is the perfect time to write down what you want to manifest, to set goals and start new projects. Writing down your intentions helps give them form. Do so 12 to 24 hours after the New Moon for the best results.

FULL MOON: This is when things come to a conclusion or culminate in some way. Itís a time when something is brought into your awareness. Relationships are often high-lighted, as are the matters in the houses of your chart being activated by the Full Moon.

ECLIPSES: The key words for these events are emphasis and crisis. An Eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to the house in which it falls or planets it hits. These matters then demand more attention, thought, energy and time Ė at least until the next Eclipse. Itís usually best to wait a few days on either side of an Eclipse before initiating anything new, as things started too close to an Eclipse have a surprise element, or often turn out differently from what you expected.

LE = Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon); SE = Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
All times given in Eastern Time

Jan 14 4:48 am Full24 CA 05
Jan 29 9:14 am New09 AQ 32
Feb 12 11:44 pm Full24 LE 20
Feb 27 7:30 pm New09 PI 16
Mar 14 6:35 pm LE24 VI 15
Mar 29 5:15 am SE08 AR 35
Apr 13 12:39 pm Full23 LI 37
Apr 27 3:44 pm New07 TA 24
May 12 2:49 pm Full22 SC 23
May 27 1:26 am New05 GE 48
June 11 2:02 pm Full20 SG 40
June 25 12:05 pm New03 CA 58
July 10 11:01 pm Full18 CP 42
July 25 12:31 am New02 LE 07
Aug 9 6:53 am Full16 AQ 44
Aug 23 3:10 pm New00 VI 31
Sept 7 2:41 pm LE15 PI 00
Sept 22 7:44 am SE29 VI 20
Oct 6 11:12 pm Full13 AR 43
Oct 22 1:13 am New28 LI 40
Nov 5 7:58 am Full12 TA 58
Nov 20 5:17 pm New28 SC 27
Dec 4 7:25 pm Full12 GE 43
Dec 20 9:00 am New28 SG 33

Astrological Sign Abbreviations Key:

Aries: AR 
Taurus: TA 
Gemini: GE 
Cancer: CA 
Leo: LE
Virgo: VI 
Libra: LI 
Scorpio: SC 
Sagittarius: SA 
Capricorn: CP 
Aquarius: AQ 
Pisces: PI

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