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  Astrology   Mercury Retrograde

     When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards, at least from our perspective on Earth. And though it's obviously not really going backwards, this visual phenomenon has proven to have some definite effects on us.

     When retrograde, the normal expression of the planet is delayed or out of sync with the normal progression of events. Consequently, anything initiated or planned during a retrograde period will often be delayed or is more difficult to get off the ground than usual. Matters go back on schedule and flow more easily after the retrograde is over and the planet is once again in direct motion.

     Being the planet of communications, Mercury retrograde often fouls up or delays our communications — especially informal ones like writing, reading, phone calls, letters, e-mail, and the like. There is a greater possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding each other more often, so it's best to be especially careful to say what you mean and mean what you say during these times.

     Mercury also rules travel, so make sure you allow extra time to reach your destination. Check such things as the gas, oil, tires and battery on your vehicle before you embark on a road trip! If flying, be prepared for more delays than usual and make certain your luggage has your identification on it just in case!

     If you have to sign contracts during this period, go over them very carefully, paying special attention to the details. It's better if you can delay signing contracts until the retrograde is over. But if you can't put if off, keep in mind you may encounter some delays involving the contract, or you may have to re-do or re-work something in the deal after Mercury goes direct.

     Retrograde periods are an excellent time to review, re-evaluate, re-do, rethink (most any "re" words you can think of), and otherwise regroup, particularly in the areas of life represented by your chart where the retrograde is taking place. Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times a year for approximately 3 weeks at a time.

Mercury Retrograde Periods for the Year 2006

March 2nd to March 25th (26 PI 55 13 PI 11)

July 4th to July 28th (1 LE 22 21 CA 04)

October 28th to November 17th (25 SC 05 9 SC 04)

Astrological Sign Abbreviations Key:

Aries: AR 
Taurus: TA 
Gemini: GE 
Cancer: CA 
Leo: LE
Virgo: VI 
Libra: LI 
Scorpio: SC 
Sagittarius: SA 
Capricorn: CP 
Aquarius: AQ 
Pisces: PI

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