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Brief Bio for Joe

I was born in Miami, Florida, January 10, 1946. I think the population was somewhere around a hundred thousand people back then. Until I was four, I lived in a garage under what used to be a Saloon and Beer hall, on about Ninth Street and Northwest 2nd Avenue, just off the Miami River. It was constructed about 1875. Somebody converted it into a house in the 1920’s, and I always remember it as being Grandma’s house. My great grandmother showed me pictures of the place when I was about 12. There’s a dugout canoe at a dock in the rear, and swamp as far as the eye can see.

We moved something like eight times between Kindergarten and high school graduation, but I always went to the same schools--St. Mary’s for elementary and Archbishop Curley the last four years. I enrolled at the University of Miami, but never made it through Orientation. I had gone from a high school with an average class sizes of 25, to a room with 1,600 kids. The only thing I remember about that day was giving away some very expensive books. In a time when it wasn’t hip, and to my mother’s dismay, I decided instead to volunteer for the United States Army.

After Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, I was recruited into the Army Security Agency and received my advanced training at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, where I saw my first snow fall. I graduated first in my class, which earned me a Corporal grade, but more importantly, a first assignment to Eleuthera in the Bahamas. The rest of my class was block-allocated to the Republic of South Vietnam, a place I would eventually get to visit some years later. I subsequently served 13 consecutive years overseas, with assignments that took me to more than twenty different countries and hundreds of different cities.

I returned to America in late 1977, accepting a commission as a Warrant Officer, as well as an assignment to Headquarters, Intelligence and Security Command. Less than a year later I was recruited as Remote Viewer #001 of the very black and very sensitive Psychic Spy unit now known as STARGATE. As one of the original viewers with that unit, I helped design and build an effective paranormal collection and support unit that serviced nearly all major Intelligence Agencies within the Federal Government for a period exceeding seventeen years.

In 1984, I retired from the military as a Chief Warrant Officer, and moved to the mountains of Central Virginia. It was there that I met, courted, and married Ms. Nancy Lea Honeycutt. She was the stepdaughter of Mr. Robert A. Monroe, author of Journeys Out of the Body. She was also the Director of The Monroe Institute, a place she helped her stepfather design and build. More importantly, she was the light of my life. Had it not been for her, I am sure that I would not have survived the major heart attack I had in 1985. I had open-heart surgery before my 39th birthday. As a focus for recovery, we then designed and built a 5,000 square foot house together. It sits on the face of a mountainside, with a 270 degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Almost immediately after retiring, I was also hired by the Cognitive Sciences Lab, which was responsible for the research and development side of the STARGATE Project. I was hired as both a remote viewer as well as a research associate. I am fully employed by that same lab today. We are continuing to dig very deeply into the mystery behind psychic functioning and other paranormal phenomena.

Over the past fifteen years, I have written two non-fiction books about remote viewing. One is titled MIND TREK, which was published in 1993, and revised in 1997. The other is titled THE ULTIMATE TIME MACHINE, and it will hit the streets early December, 1998. Both books are published by Hampton Roads Publishing of Charlottesville, Virginia. I have also written a number of fictional novels on various subjects. A NECESSARY EVIL centers on the Vietnam War. BLACK THAI is a story that takes place in northern Thailand during the secret war in Laos. GODS THAT PEOPLE PLAY is a science fiction plot involving genetically manipulated psychics. And finally, I co-authored a novel with the late Robert Monroe about the take-over of a Russian Nuclear ICBM site. Its title is THE VARIABLE. None of these have yet been published.

In 1997 I finished work on a movie screenplay called THE PYRAMIDS OF MARS. It has an interesting plot that revolves around the issue of time. I am currently polishing a screenplay about operational remote viewing, titled PSIWAR, and have just finished the outline for a new remote viewing screenplay tentatively titled, NIGHTSHADE. The plot is still stamped, "Top Secret-Special Intelligence."

I have successfully demonstrated remote viewing on television live and taped more than half a dozen times. The most significant demonstrations being Put To The Test, an ABC Special; Mysteries of the Mind, a Reader’s Digest Special; and numerous appearances on the Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, which is shown on Channel Four in London, England. I have also demonstrated successful remote viewing under scientific control while teaching at numerous summer learning sessions held at the J. B. Rhine Institute in Durham, North Carolina.

Recently, I’ve undergone my second open-heart surgery that was quite successful. Hopefully it will be my last. My wife and I work and live happily together in central Virginia, in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville. We share our home with six cats we call our fur children and numerous other creatures that visit from time to time. These include seven raccoons, a red fox, a black bear, and lots of friendly hummingbirds. I would not trade my life’s experience for all the money in China, although I’d like to see China one day.

My favorite hobbies are fishing, hiking in the mountains, writing fiction, reading, and walking on the beach with my wife.


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