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Brief Bio for Scooter
I suppose I was in a hurry when I came bursting forth that Saturday morning in September of 1952. I wanted to see what this lifetime was all about. Mother was still in her slip when I came into the light of day, as I had only announced my impending arrival 45 minutes earlier. She and my father (who was serving in Korea with the Marine Corps.) named me Nancy Lea Honeycutt, though shortly thereafter I became known to my friends and family as "Scooter."

For the sake of brevity I’ll skip past my first 20 or so years, and simply note that I had my first astrological reading at around age nine. I was entranced! That "reading" with Ernest Longest in Richmond, Virginia, was the start of a life long passion with me. Even at that young age, I started reading astrology magazines, and later, took workshops, correspondence courses, attended seminars and classes, and read every astrological book I could put my hands on. I did charts on everyone I knew. In short, I was like a kid in a candy store when it came to learning everything I could about this topic. It is such an incredible tool for understanding ourselves. More about that on another page!

I was graduated cum laude from Wittenberg University in 1974 with a B.A. in Honors, which translates to what is now known as a degree in Liberal Arts. As a member of the Honors Program, I designed my own course of study with emphases in Eastern religions, social sciences, and foreign languages. My course design included studying in France at the University of Nice, and in Kyoto, Japan, at a Zen Buddhist monastery. Then, as now, I was interested in understanding the spiritual nature of humankind; well, actually, exploring and understanding the sacred in all beings.

Among my various jobs after college, I managed an apartment complex and assisted my mentor and step-father, Robert Monroe, in answering fan mail from his first book, Journeys Out of the Body. Due to the number of requests he received to conduct training programs in out of body experiences, and because of the growing amount of public interest in his work, I started working full time for him. This involved assisting Bob in designing and conducting workshops around the country -- now known as the Gateway Programs -- and also being actively involved with his research in studying the effects of sound wave-forms on human consciousness. This research eventually gave rise to what are now called the Hemi-Sync tapes.

In 1979, after five years of helping to create the initial foundations for what is now the internationally acclaimed Monroe Institute, I decided to go into publishing. I worked as a college representative for Prentice Hall and John Wiley & Sons Publishing companies until 1983, when Bob asked me to come back to The Monroe Institute as its director. I accepted.

While in my first year as the Institute’s director, I met Joseph McMoneagle. On a week’s vacation from his work at Fort Meade, he had come to the Institute to participate in a Gateway Program. As synchronicity and glorious timing would have it, I was the trainer of that particular program. We were married one year later, and have been happily intertwined ever since.

In 1991, after nearly eight years as the Institute’s director, I decided it was time to change directions and professionally pursue my life-long passion--astrology. During this year of major career changes, I was elected President of the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce. So, in addition to my astrological practice, I also became very involved with enhancing economic development and regional cooperation in Nelson and neighboring counties. Because of this work, I proudly accepted the Community Builders Award in 1993 given to me by the Masons of the 21st Masonic District.

My astrological consulting services, a division of Joe’s and my company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc., has grown considerably as I continue to expand my astrological and intuitive work. As a Western astrologer, I offer people insights about their unique talents, issues, life direction, timing of events, and about their important life cycles--past, present and future. Using astrological charts along with my intuitive ability, I provide a broader, more objective (dare I say, Fun?) view to my clients of themselves. This often results in their renewed enthusiasm and hope about who and what they are and want to become; about what inner resources they have available, and perhaps even a hint about why they came into this lifetime with their particular "life script," also known as an astrological chart.

Joe, our six "fur children" and I live in the home he and I designed and built in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, where we also have our business, Intuitive Intelligence Applications. While he does his remote viewing and writing, I do my astrological consulting and writing.


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