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The Cats!
  Bingman McMoneagle, the Cat Bing (Bingman) McMoneagle: I am ten years old and weigh in at a svelte 25+ pounds. I'm a gentle giant who doesn't like vacuum cleaners, plastic bags, or any sudden noises. I can jump two feet, straight up into the air, from a "sleeping start" when startled. My favorite hobby is sleeping and hanging out with my raccoon buddies.
  Bear, the Cat - black on a chair. My name is Bear. I like to hang out on the furniture much like my panther cousins. I'm the hunter in the family, though Mom and Dad don't much appreciate some of the presents I bring home (like copperhead snakes). My favorite hobby is chasing my tail. I'm ten years old.
  Raquel, the Raccoon, on the porch Raquel, the Raccoon, upside down Everyone calls me Raquel. It has something to do with having legs up to my arm pits, and a nice set of... They adopted me after I broke into the kitchen pantry. Now they insist I eat on the back porch. My hobby is having babies!
  Rocky, the Cat Rocky: "They think I'm lazy, but I'm really on an Out-of-Body-Mouse-Hunt -- OBMH!"
  Puck, the Cat "I pray you, let none of our people stir me; I have an exposition of sleep come upon me."
-- [Midsummer Night's Dream]
  Sly, the Fox Sly: I drop in for a snack, when I'm not out lookin' for B'rer Rabbit.
  Nibbits, the Cat, calico My name is Nibbits. Everyone thinks I'm sort of an airhead, but I'm really a puppy masquerading as a cat. I have the loudest purr-box on the planet, and my hobby is catching grasshoppers and bringing them home with me. You want to know my age? See my mother.
  Raisin, the Cat My name is Raisin. I am eleven years old. I am the bitch cat from hell, because I'm tiny, delicate, and both my sons Bing and Bear outweigh me by fifteen pounds. Actually, I'm very loving, but just get a little excited when I'm being petted. My hobby is "helping out" in the office. I reshuffle papers beautifully!
  Butterball the Cat, in a dish on the table Hi. My name is Butterball. I'm a princess. I have an entire craft shop for my apartment, and a private door to the garden. I never give out my age, or that of my daughter, Nibbits. My hobby is being combed by my mother.


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