A McMoneagle news release, from the webmaster. [01 Oct 2002]

Joe's latest book!

Joe just completed filming for a French documentary crew. It included two live (real-time) Outbounder remote viewings. They used satellite clocks to synchronize the Outbounder, so that he would be on target at the precise time Joe did the remote viewing.

The first target was a bridge -- Pont Alexandre III. Joe drew what was obviously a bridge, and labeled it as such. His drawing included statues, imbedded bronze works, and the walkway through the underside of the end of the bridge -- all of which were present at the target.

The second target was a train station -- Gare Du Nord, a wonderfully decorative 19th century edifice which Joe drew in great detail. Joe's session data included a street layout on one end, as well as descriptions of statues on pedestals which it is famous for.

The crew on both ends of the filming considered the remote viewing to be fine and excellent examples of completely blind remote viewing using the Outbounder protocol.

The Outbounder team was also headed up by a well known French conjurer and skeptic, who participated in order to guarantee there was nothing amiss with the protocol and no leakage of information, deliberate or unintentional.

Joe did this remote viewing at the request and in support of Dr. Mario Varvoglis of France, the current President of the international Parapsychological Association (PA).

These remote viewings represented the first targets Joe has done for French Television, bringing the numbers of countries he has demonstrated remote viewing for to five.

They constituted live on-camera in-protocol remote viewings 29 and 30. He has now been credited with 25 successes.