A personalized news release from Nancy McMoneagle.

A Japanese magazine cover featuring Joe from many, many years ago!

Greetings from the hills of Virginia, where Joe McMoneagle (a.k.a. Remote Viewer 001), has once again crossed the "boundaries" of space and time with his incredible remote viewing skills, describing and locating missing people in Japan - from our dining room in Virginia!

But before I get into that, I also want to let you know that Joe's latest book, The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy, his most riveting to date according to all who have read it, should be gracing your bookstores' shelves within the next week or two. If you're an Amazonian, you'll be glad to know that amazon.com is already selling it! Hampton Roads Publishing Co. is its publisher.

(As you can see, the Japanese have known about Joe's skills for many years -- at right is a magazine cover that featured Joe many years ago.)

First, a recap:

If you'll recall, in my missive of last March I told you of Joe's remote viewing some missing people and their locations for a Japanese TV program called "Chounouryoku Sousakan" (loosely translated as "Psychic Detectives") - a show somewhat comparable to our television show, "Unsolved Mysteries". He, along with two other American psychics and a dowser, were given different tasks for this Nippon TV show, and all performed admirably.

The way it worked from our end was that the Japanese sent me the names, birth dates and last known locations of some missing Japanese people so that I could put together the targets for Joe. I then put the missing people's names and birth data in sealed envelopes and gave the envelopes identification numbers. On separate sticky notes attached to the envelopes were questions asking Joe to describe the targets and to describe in detail their current locations. As ever, it was very important that Joe be kept blind to the target material.

Just for fun, first try to imagine describing what is written on a piece of paper hidden away in a sealed envelope. In detail. Then imagine trying to locate a missing person who might be anywhere in the world. And even in just considering Japan, think of the size and breadth of Tokyo alone (currently around 13 million people), never mind Japan's islands, other major cities, smaller towns, and countryside - talk about finding a needle in the proverbial haystack!

And, of course, it turns out that Joe's detailed information about the targets (people) and the maps he drew of their locations helped the Japanese film crew and their detectives find two of the three subjects they were searching for. The third target is a criminal who is still at large. Suffice to say, the Japanese production company was so thrilled with his success last March, the producer asked Joe to do more remote viewing for Part II of the show.

Which brings us to the present...

This July the Japanese once again sent me the names and birth dates of two missing people they wanted Joe to remote view for their "Psychic Detectives" show. They would send a crew to Virginia to film him remote viewing the targets, after which Joe would go to Japan for the studio portion of the show. So, as before, I put the names and birth data of the two missing people in separate envelopes, assigned them target numbers with accompanying sticky notes asking that he describe the targets and the targets' precise locations. On July 29th from our dining room in Virginia, he once again amazed the Japanese film crew as he accurately described in detail the two targets and drew maps of where he felt they were at this point in time.

By the time we got to Japan on August 25th, they had already located one of the missing men by using Joe's maps and verbal descriptions. The gentleman had been missing for over 30 years. This "Psychic Detectives" show will be aired September 7th at 7:00 p.m. on Nippon TV, for those of you who live in Japan.

What follows is Joe's detailed description of this most recent remote viewing he did for the Japanese.


Original Filming: Was accomplished on July 29th, 2002. The Japanese film crew came to my home in Virginia and set their filming equipment up in our dining room. They had already asked me what I specifically needed in order to do the remote viewing and I told them just the name and birth date in a sealed envelope, which they set up with my wife, Nancy.

Original Targeting Materials: Once the camera equipment was set up, my wife brought the target into the room. It was sealed in an opaque envelope, labeled "72702-WT," to which was attached a stick-on note which said: "Describe target," and, "Describe in detail target's current location." This envelope was placed on the dining room table in front of me. I was then asked if I required any further targeting information, to which I replied "No."

Targeting Effort: I described an older man in his late 50s early 60s. I said that the man was in good health, but was of a different mind than before he went missing. I said that he was living in an area just south of a channel of water where two small tips of land came together. I said that I felt it was to the southern area of Japan, probably somewhere on the southern-most island. I felt there was a major seaport or fishing city along the northern coast of that island from which a main highway turned directly to the south. Also running south was an overhead causeway or raised train track/rail. I drew some significant features the city could be identified by, specifically; a very tall and narrow transmission tower with a specific kind of top to it unlike any other. I said this tower, unlike most towers in Japan, which are mounted on the tops of tall structures, was actually located at the top of an isolated hill or mound. I said within site of this tower was a very specific kind of temple grounds containing three very specifically shaped buildings. I provided very detailed drawings of this tower and these buildings. I said that I believed the man to be living very close to these buildings - just outside their perimeter. I also said that there was a very specific kind of a pagoda structure adjacent to the man's location as well. I said it seemed to be different from most pagodas, in that it was totally open underneath. The bottom level seemed to be standing on four legs and was open completely at the bottom. This pagoda had five levels, which were almost all identical and had little detail to them. I said it was different from the normal pagoda type of building, but I couldn't see why it was different other than what I stated about it. I felt the man was alive and in good health and could easily be found there.

Actual Information about the Target: The man's name was Mr. Sueo Kawabata, born in 1941 and was known to be living (at time of disappearance) in the southern most tip of Honshu Island 30 years ago. This man was being sought by his son, who had been three years of age when the man divorced his first wife, the son's mother. The son was now married and had daughters of his own he wanted to introduce to his father. He has searched for some time for him but was unable to find him or produce any leads as to his current whereabouts.

How the Information was Used: The studio hired detectives to take the information I provided to go look for the man. They determined from my drawings that the city might be the northern-most city on the island of Kyushu, the next island south of Honshu, and that the channel I described might be the channel feeding from the Sea of Japan (Nihon-Kai) to Suo-nada Bay. On visiting the city, they found a train station as I described, as well as an overhead rail system leading from the train station. This connected to a large highway, which left the city going due south as described. They at first assumed the drawing of the tower matched the main tower in the downtown center of the city, but the pagoda located within the city was in the wrong place. On looking more closely as they drove south, they found a tower which was identical to the one I drew, and better fit the picture and plan I had laid out. Searching the area near the tower they were able to locate the temple grounds, which had buildings exactly as I had drawn them and laid out exactly as I had described them in relationship to one another. Near the grounds of the temple they found the pagoda. It was different from any other pagoda in that it was actually a stone lamp standing over two stories tall. It had five levels and was carved to look just like a full sized pagoda building. What made it quite unique was the fact that it stood on four legs and was totally open underneath - exactly as I had drawn it. Feeling they had found the correct area, they proceeded house to house questioning people about the missing man. Within a few blocks of the location they found the house of the man they were looking for. Having positively identified the man as the son's father, they brought back the information to the son.

Results: The son, on learning the location of his father, was placed in a difficult position. Now being married and having children of his own, he did not want to invade his father's new life. Apparently his father had remarried and had more children by his second wife. So instead, the son decided to write his father a letter asking him if he would be open to meeting with his son from his first marriage and seeing his son's children. At the broadcasting of the show, the father had not yet responded.


Original filming: Was accomplished in July 29th, 2002. The Japanese film crew came to my home in Virginia and set their filming equipment up in our dining room. They had already asked me what I specifically needed in order to do the remote viewing and I told them just the name and birth date in a sealed envelope, which they set up with my wife, Nancy.

Original Targeting Materials: Once the camera equipment was set up, my wife brought the target into the room. It was sealed in an opaque envelope, labeled "72802-WT," to which was attached a stick-on note which said: "Describe target," and, "Describe in detail target's current location." This envelope was placed on the dining room table in front of me. I was then asked if I required any further targeting information, to which I replied "No."

Targeting Effort: I described the missing individual as a young man being in his early twenties. I said that he was moving frequently, and that he had a great interest in working on either motorcycles or cars, or both. I felt that he had strong inclinations towards being a mechanic and that was his one true love in life. I felt that he was in good health, but that he had a major falling out with his father about what he wanted to do with his life. I felt that it possibly dealt with the occupation that he had chosen versus what his father wanted him to do. I stated that he was currently living in a smaller town, which was located approximately one hour to the east-northeast of a larger city located directly on the coast. I said that I believed it was a harbor town located to the south of Tokyo nearer to the southern end of Honshu Island. To enable them to identify the larger city, I drew detailed drawings of the train station, as well as a very large building, which I said was nearly perfectly square but over thirty stories tall. I said it was also unique for Japan because it was all glass and had an old-fashioned style roof to it. I said there was a very specific type of highway that led directly to the east-northeast and to a smaller city, which was straddling a river in a large flat valley surrounded by hills. I felt this city was unique to the business of cars, in fact calling the city "A Toyota like-City," all car manufacturing and very little else. I gave a specific street layout and very specific directions to follow in order to reach a set of three buildings that were of a very special design and were predominantly being used as dormitories for single workers - almost like the more modern barracks buildings now being used in the American military - many smaller apartments with shared baths and kitchen facilities. I said that he could be found in the eastern most of those buildings.

Actual Information about the Target: The missing individual was named Mr. Hiroshi Kikuchi, born on November 22nd, 1977. He was last seen on April 5th, 1998 at the Nagano Cycling terminal (where he was in an internship) 4268-151 Omamejima Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture.

How the Information was used: The remote viewing information was given to a detective agency in Japan. The large city was determined to be Nagoya, Japan - a harbor area to the south of Tokyo southwest of Nogano Prefecture where he was last seen. This city was identified by the train station drawing, which closely resembled the main train station in Nogoya. To the east-northeast of Nagoya, there is a city, which is actually named "Toyota City." The city is described, as being very much like the city of Detroit in America - as it's total occupational focus is the production and manufacturing of cars. It lies in a flat valley along a river circled by hills and mountains. One of the key features of this city is a large glass walled skyscraper as I described in detail. They were able to find the layout of the streets as described, and according to the producer they followed the directions given making turns where indicated and were led directly to three large dormitory buildings which housed single men. The predominant occupation of these men is automobile mechanics. They subsequently were able to determine that just prior to the son's disappearance from college, he had an argument with his father over the nature of business he wanted to do. His father wanted him to do something other than mechanics. The son wanted to be an automobile mechanic.

Results: While he was not found in the building indicated, the studio feels that he very well could have been living there earlier. In Japan, many of the mechanics are shifted from location to location (rotated from one job site to another), every four to six months. They feel that given his strong desires and argument with his father, he more than likely could have been living there earlier and working locally as a mechanic. They feel it will only be a matter of time until he is therefore located.


Other parts to the show: They showed the brothers being reunited that I was able to locate in a previous show. It was unusual in that it was a very emotional scene. The older brother went to the foyer of the apartment building I had identified and waited for the younger brother to come home from work. When the younger brother walked into the foyer he was greeted by his older brother, whom he had no contact with for over seven years. The younger brother said he had been afraid to come home as he felt people would be angry with him. His older brother said that everything was okay and they just wanted him to come home and be with the family again. The younger brother was very moved by this and their family was shown as being whole again.

Additional tasking on the air: I was asked to provide the location for a suspect in a multiple murder while on the air. This I provided by dowsing a map of the Tokyo area. Time will tell if the location I provided is correct.

Further tasking on the air: I was asked to provide information on an arson - one which resulted in the deaths of over a dozen individuals. I stated that this information should not be presented on the air. I related this information directly to a police representative after the filming of the show was terminated. I was told by the man I met with that much of my information was the same as police conjecture and therefore probably correct. Time will determine how much of that information proves correct.     [end of Joe's description]

So, there you have it! Even though I've been with Joe and watched him do his remote viewing for many years now, I am still astounded and amazed at him and his extraordinary talent, his equanimity and grace under pressure (he's now done 28 live remote viewings in four different countries on camera), wondering how in the world he does this "magic."

Now...if we could just find the car keys!

With warmest wishes to each of you,
Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle