A personalized news release from Nancy McMoneagle.

Nippon Television, Part IV, "FBI: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES"
Airs June 14th, 2003, 7- 9 pm in Japan

Our recent trip to Japan for Part 4 of the Nippon TV show, "Chounouryoku Sousakan" (loosely translated as: "FBI: Psychic Detectives") was fun and amazingly successful. Joe, along with two other American psychics (Nancy Myer and John Oliver) and a truly phenomenal dowser (Leroy Bull), were given different tasks for this Nippon TV show. Everything worked out better than we ever expected, given that Joe did the remote viewing of the target while in great pain and while taking some heavy-duty medication for his back problems. It was difficult for him to even sit up and talk with the interviewer, never mind do the kind of focusing required for remote viewing. To say we were worried it might not turn out well would be a massive understatement!

As done previously for the other shows, the Japanese gave me the name and birth date of the missing person they were looking for, which I then put in a sealed envelope, and identified with a target number. As ever, Joe was kept blind to the target.

The film crew arrived here on May 10th with their offering of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (bless them!), and after some serious sugar ingestion, Joe began to remote view the target in our dining room in Virginia as their camera whirred away. After Joe completed the remote viewing, the film crew then returned to Japan and using his directions, descriptions, drawings and maps, they set about locating the target.

The first clue he gave was of a large Ferris wheel with changing colored lights all over it. He said he felt it was in Tokyo near water. It turned out that there are 13 of them in Tokyo but only four of them are covered with lights that change colors, so that narrowed it down to four locations. He said it overlooked four ball parks back to back with pathways between them, with one of the pathways ending at a grouping of sculptures.

There are 16 or 18 ball parks you can see from the Ferris wheels depending on which way you are looking, so the crew began checking out the groups of parks. They couldn't find sculptures at any of them. About the time they were going to give up, they discovered sculptures at the end of a path at one of the last parks they checked. That pathway also ended next to a river which Joe had previously drawn as well. Across the river was a special train track which he expressly told them to look for. They said it was a monorail system which was considered to be very special in Japan.

On the other side they found a raised highway Joe had described that led them to a walled-in, multi-floored hospital which he had also sketched for them. There they asked about the name of the man they were searching for and the nurses directed them to a house across the street. I'm very pleased to announce that with Joe's remote viewing input, they found the man they were looking for! He had been treated in the hospital a few weeks earlier. Joe had properly described him as about 77 years of age. He had not been seen by his son in 34 years, who was the one who originally asked that his father be found. The missing man and his son had been reunited before we arrived for the studio shooting on June 7th.

The previous remote viewing Joe did for Part 3 of the show in January had a very strange initial result. His remote viewing results led them to a man in Korea who had the same name and the same birth date of the target -- a man who also worked in the fish market in Seoul, which Joe had noted. When the film crew spoke to the man, though he had the same name and birth date, it turned out that he was not the man they were looking for! The crew asked Joe if he thought the information could be wrong. Joe told them that he felt the information on where to go was correct and that they should go back and look again with a more open mind, which they did.

On their return, they realized they made an initial assumption about the information in which they assumed that the primary city was the largest city in Korea. They then decided it could have been the next largest city. So, they looked again at the map, studied it very closely, and found that Joe's drawing even more closely matched the city of Pusan, Korea (vs. Seoul). Again following the clues carefully, they ended up going to a graveyard in the city. They found a specific marker which bore the name of the target person they sought. They discovered half his ashes were buried in this graveyard in Pusan and backtracking on the records at the office, they were able to discover where the remainder of his ashes were buried in Tokyo. They also found out that he had a brother in Japan. So, his daughter (who is the one who requested that her father be found), though deeply saddened by the fact her father was dead, has since been introduced to her father's brother -- an uncle she did not know she had.

Joe was asked to do a third target live on camera in the studio, but at the last minute it was pulled by one of the sponsors and the Program Moderator. Even so, the show's producer, Takikawa-San, asked Joe to remote view this controversial target after the studio shoot. So, after the studio filming, Joe was taken to a small room filled with most of the TV station's staff and film crew, where they privately filmed him providing a complete and accurate description of the targeted person, along with a detailed description of the target's background, emotions, behavior and character.

Joe then provided a description of the target's current state of being -- in this case, a description of where and when he died and how; where he was recently buried, and why. Because of the nature of this specific target, the actual target identity is being withheld from the public at the request of our Japanese hosts. To say that they were completely shocked by Joe's ability and clarity after such a long filming day and under such tiring conditions with his current medical problems would be an understatement.

A Japanese magazine cover featuring Joe from many, many years ago!

Yet again, Joe's incredible talents have come to the fore, amazing the Japanese -- and the rest of us as well! It's no wonder that the Japanese are considering doing another show this fall....stay tuned!

The "FBI: Psychic Detectives" show will air June 14th at 7:00 p.m. on Nippon TV, for those who live in Japan.

With warmest wishes to each of you,
Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle


(As you can see, the Japanese have known about Joe's skills for many years -- at right is a magazine cover that featured Joe many years ago.)