A personalized news release from Nancy McMoneagle.

Nippon Television, Part VI
"Chounouryoku Sousakan" (FBI: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR)
Airs June 12th, 2004 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in Japan

Hello, Everyone!

Greetings from the warm and verdant mountains of Virginia, where the hummingbirds are humming, and at least one remote viewer is definitely viewing!

I'm happy to report that Joe has once again done the miraculous with his uncanny remote viewing ability. He just participated in his 46th through 48th live remote viewing demonstrations for TV which were done double-blind and filmed at our home in Virginia, in San Francisco, and also in a television studio in Tokyo. He has successfully described the contents of sealed envelopes, located missing people, and basically astonished folks from San Francisco to Chile to Japan with his wealth of descriptive details, both about the targets as well as in drawing the maps and landmarks leading to them. Joe will be appearing this fall on shows for the National Geographic Channel, TV Channel 13 in Chile, and again soon on Nippon TV Channel 4 in Japan. We don't yet have the television air dates of some of these programs, but I will keep you posted as that information becomes available.

What follows is what happened with his most recent remote viewing activity for Part 6 of the Japanese TV Show: "Chounouryoku Sousakan" (loosely translated as: "FBI: Psychic Investigator") which will be shown June 12th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. on Nippon TV.

The Basics:

Joe and two other successful American psychics, Nancy Myer and John Oliver, were given different tasks for this Nippon TV show. Here's the essence of Joe's part in the show, which may have occasional small errors as we were subject to the translation gotten through an earphone (not the best) during the evening of the studio shoot.

The Japanese remote viewings are unique in that almost all of them have involved targets that are missing people - so not only are they double-blind, that is, names and birth dates are placed within sealed envelopes - but no one actually knows where these people are. None of the individuals he is being asked to look for have been seen for periods sometimes extending beyond thirty years. In fact, no one knows for sure if they are dead or alive.

After doing the remote viewing, Joe receives no feed back (with little exception) until he gets to Japan for the studio shoot. This is because they have none to give. It takes a few weeks for the camera crew and detectives they hire to chase down the directions and information Joe has provided from the RV materials they've collected during their filming in Virginia. During this past visit, they were looking for three people, and Joe was told that he accurately described all three people on the conclusion of shooting since he got their sexes and ages correct.

In fact, I'm very pleased to announce that with Joe's remote viewing input they found all three of the missing people!

How It's Done:

As done previously for the other shows, the Japanese gave me the name and birth data (when known) of three targets - the missing people they were looking for, which I then put in sealed envelopes, and identified with target numbers. On a sticky note attached to each envelope, I asked for a description of the target and the target's location. This is the sum total of what Joe has to work with. I never share any target information with Joe, because it's important for optimum remote viewing results that he be kept blind to the target. And despite the fact I often don't know if the targets are male or female or any other facts about them, I am not in the same room when he does the remote viewing.

In what has become the standard pattern, on May 11th and 12th, Joe remote viewed the targets from our dining room in Virginia for the Japanese film crew. The crew knew the names of the people he was remote viewing, though the targets' locations were unknown to everyone. After Joe completed the remote viewing, the film crew then returned to Japan and with the help of a detective, used Joe's directions, descriptions, drawings and drawn maps in order to locate the targets.

Targets One and Two:

The first target was a woman 58 years of age. This missing woman was the mother of a woman who was about 35 years old who had not seen her mother since her birth. Apparently her mother and father had divorced the year of her birth because her mother had a heart condition and had been forced to give her up at the time of her birth because she was unable to physically care for her. The second target was the father, now 60 years old.

Remote Viewing Results:

During Joe's remote viewing, an odd thing happened with his results. Joe mixed up the directions for her mother's house with her father's, and he reversed the description of her father's house with her mother's - even though they had not lived together for 34 years.

In spite of this, Joe still correctly put the targets' locations on the island of Hokkaido, in the right city, and had correctly separated them to different parts of that city. The film crew was able to identify the right city by the outline of the island Joe drew and through the specific "photograph like" pictures Joe drew of the train station, the main bridge, primary road lay outs, primary mountain features, main city feature layouts, such as the position of the larger hotel, subway tracks, river, river walkway, main shopping area, etc.

They were able to find the specific house and apartment locations (which were in significantly different locations) by using actual road maps along with Joe's drawn maps, which gave them very specific directions to drive, distances, and turns they were to take with the identifying buildings on corners (colors, shapes, roof designs, etc.) at those turns. He also did drawings of the fronts of the house and apartment in which the man and woman (her divorced parents) currently lived.

Joe said he sensed at the time of the remote viewing that these two people were in some way related to one another from an earlier time, but stated that this was no longer the case. Joe felt that perhaps they had dated or knew each other well at one time, but did not get the data that they had not just dated, but had actually been married.

When the targets were found (and it was explained to them how they were found), the mother was excited about meeting the daughter she had never been allowed to see. She agreed to meeting her daughter, but not to appear on television. So, they only televised the daughter speaking with her mother over the phone and allowed her mother's responses to be heard by the television audience. It was a very emotional reunion for both of them. The father did not agree to appear, so her reunion with him was not filmed.

Target Number Three:

The third target was a 73-year old man. He was the father of a middle aged woman who was abandoned by him when she was approximately two years of age. Now married and with a daughter, she has not seen her father in a very long time. It was important to her to find her father before she had a son.

Remote Viewing Results:

After describing the older man, Joe drew the details of a city he believed to be located south of Tokyo. The city was identified by his drawing as being on a separate peninsula south of Tokyo. One of the producers noticed that if Joe's drawing was inverted 180 degrees, it was a near-perfect overlay for the map they were using, as it included a coastal town with islands and statues along a shore, just as Joe had described. A comment was even made by a resident in the city when they showed Joe's map to him, while asking directions on camera, that it was more accurate than their tourist maps - which caused some humor with the studio audience.

Following the map Joe drew, the crew found all of the elements (streets, buildings, hotels, smaller islands, even two statues facing the ocean), and they then followed the more specific directions on the street drawings which told them which turns to take and how many roads to pass before making those turns, etc.

At the very end of those directions (end of the last road), Joe specifically stated they would find a small, nearly-square building and stated that it had a stark blue roof with a tall white fence around it. He provided them with a picture of this building, and they did, in fact, find it. He told them to turn right and travel X-number of yards to the house for which he provided a drawing. When they attempted to turn right instead of finding the last street, they found steep steps going up the side of a mountain.

Being unable to follow this direction, instead of accepting failure, they quickly deduced that it might have been another "180 degree flip" or error such as he had made with the original map that got them to the city in the first place. So they backed away from the mountain and drove around to the "flip side" to see what they could find. There they found a house that exactly matched his drawing of the target's house, and it had the man's name on the door!

They filmed a very emotional reunion of the woman being reunited with her 73-year old father. When she asked him why he never came to look for her, he simply stated; "I thought if I did, you would reject me." Then he broke down into tears - along with most of the studio audience.

The Live Challenges:

While the following cannot be considered remote viewing under controlled conditions by any means, it was done live on camera, and has to be considered a test of skill. It was done with Joe sitting at a desk in front of a camera representing anywhere from 14 to 23 million Japanese viewers, while the targeted individuals were standing off to Joe's left side and out of his direct view.

* * * * * * * *

First, Joe was asked to describe where one of the panel members (a famous Japanese TV actor and movie star) had stopped on the way to the studio.

Joe drew a small lounge area, and said it looked something like a small restaurant of sorts. He stated that it looked like it had very plush seating and that he could see the man seated in the rear left area with three other people, eating something out of a small bowl. It wasn't anything fancy, just something like a snack.

The man confirmed that he had stopped in the Sports Health Lounge of the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the way to the studio and sat in the rear left of the lounge with three other people, where he had consumed a bowl of corn flakes. [The location will be filmed for presentation in the next show.]

* * * * * * * *

The next live remote viewing test was when a participant volunteer was asked to come down from the audience.

Joe was asked to describe the home of the studio participant. Joe drew directions from the main road intersection to her home. Joe then drew the parking area, garden, entry gate, and detailed layout of her entire interior floor plan of her home in front of the camera. When she was asked if it was correct, she stated that there was only a very minor inaccuracy, and that it was approximately 95 percent correct. When the Host challenged her, she invited the Host to bring a camera crew to her home to verify that what she was saying is the truth. This they are doing for presentation in the next show.

* * * * * * * *

Additional Past Viewing:

On the previous "FBI: Psychic Investigator" show, Joe was asked to describe where one of the panel members (a famed Japanese Martial Artist) had stopped en route to the studio.

On that show Joe gave a very accurate description of the person as standing high up on a second level of an open area and looking downward into an area behind a large two story wall of glass. Off to one side were two large doors of glass that opened inward. Joe then drew a very large curved building off to one side and a taller structure next to it with some complex forms up one side.

The Panel member basically confirmed what Joe described as being approximately 80 percent accurate or better.

Films were presented on this most recent show validating what the Martial Artist had said, showing the upper walk area where he had been standing, the two-story wall of glass, the two-story double glass doors opening inward, as well as the large curved building, with the taller structure, and complex fire-escape structure running the full length of the taller structure side. In an interview with the Martial Artist, he stated in hindsight, he was even more impressed with the remote viewing.

* * * * * * * *


Anyone interested in learning about Joe's talk at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada this past February may want to pick up the June-July issue of "UFO Magazine" which has the article, "A Brief Foray With Remote Viewer 001, Joe McMoneagle," by Jan Hester.

RV Info

Information about Joe's remote viewing and media can be found on the Remote Viewing pages of our website: http://www.mceagle.com/remoteviewing/. Website updates are also noted on our announcements board in the TKR Remote Viewing project: http://www.tenthousandroads.com/wbbs/ .

With warmest wishes to each of you,
Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle

Nippon Television (Channel 4)
Part VI, "Chounouryoku Sousakan" (FBI: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR)
Airs June 12th, 2004
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in Japan