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What follows is an update of Joe's latest public remote viewing activities.

Poster Session in Vienna, Austria

During the 47th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association, held in August this year at the University of Vienna, Austria, Joe and his long time friend and research associate, Ed May, Ph.D., presented a poster session paper titled; "The Possible Role of Intention, Attention, and Expectation in Remote Viewing." This is also published and obtainable through a copy of the proceedings.

(Webmaster's note: You can find a copy of the formal paper here, and view a photo of the poster here.)

Japanese TV

Joe made his seventh appearance on the Japanese TV show, "FBI: Psychic Investigator," which aired on September 18th, 2004 during two hours of prime time on Nippon TV in Japan. During this show, the results of several remote viewings Joe did to describe and locate missing people were presented. Keep in mind that, as ever, Joe does the remote viewing of each target blind - that is, the name and birth data of the target are placed in a sealed, opaque envelope, and no one knows where the targets are.

The Targets:

Joe's first task was a double-blind remote viewing (RV) of a 79-year old woman, which he did from our home in Virginia. As has become our standard method, the Japanese gave me the woman's name and birth date, which I then placed inside a sealed envelope, identified with a target number, and then asked Joe to describe the target and the target's location. The woman was the mother of a man in Japan who had no knowledge of her whereabouts for more than 30 years, and who had been unable to find her. Using Joe's drawings, and maps, they were able to locate the woman's house approximately 125 miles south of Tokyo near Fujinomiya.

The next case involved a young man believed to have committed suicide, but whose body has never been found. Again, this was targeted double-blind from Virginia, with his name and birth date placed inside a sealed, opaque envelope. Joe described a city where he believed the man fled to seek work as a fisherman, and passage on a fishing boat traveling to another island city. Joe's map of the city was a near-perfect 180 degree reversal for a major harbor in Okinawa. Subsequent searches on that island produced eyewitness reports of the missing man and descriptions of the fishing vessel described by Joe. The investigation continues.

The Japanese like to "test" Joe during the live studio filming portion of the show, which they did again for this 7th edition of show. While doing the live shoot in the studio, Joe was asked to describe where one of the panel members had been earlier in the day. Joe proceeded to draw a detailed sketch of a building with a formal entry and a reception area and hallways with glass walls through which he said you could see people. He said the rooms were filled with mostly young people and you could observe them through the glass walls. The place visited by the panel member was a Japanese kindergarten, which the panel member described as being exactly as Joe described - a formal foyer with receptionist, and interconnecting hallways with rooms with glass walls off the halls through which you could observe the children playing.

Joe was also asked to remote view an event based on the name of an individual which was placed inside an envelope, along with the time and date of the event. Joe described in detail the shooting of the Senior Police Commissioner of Tokyo, how the weapon was delivered to the crime scene, who pulled the trigger, how many were involved in the shooting, and how the weapon was disposed of. He produced detailed drawings that clearly matched the crime scene and surroundings. He then drew directions to an area and gave a detailed description of the place in which he believes the gun was dumped. These descriptions matched an area within walking distance of the crime scene. These materials have been turned over to Tokyo Police for further action.

And lastly on the show, they presented the preliminary results of another double-blind target Joe worked from our home in Virginia. The target envelope contained the name and birth date of a missing North Korean woman approximately 32 years of age. The mother said her daughter had been missing for a few years after she decided to try and escape North Korea in an attempt to reach Japan. Joe correctly described the woman as being North Korean, and described her as crossing into China. He provided a detailed description of a resort area in China in which he believes she is currently working. Subsequent checks by studio personnel have determined that there is indeed a new resort area, which is so new, that most Chinese are not even yet aware of it! A visit by investigators to the area described by Joe has produced some early evidence that there is a woman that fits her description working in the area. Further investigations provided information which was then aired on the "McMoneagle Special."

The Nippon TV "McMoneagle Specials"

Because Joe and his talents have garnered so much interest and excitement in Japan, Joe's latest book, STAR GATE CHRONICLES, MEMOIRS OF A PSYCHIC SPY was translated into Japanese and published in Japan by Soft Bank Publishing Company in September. Further, on October 2nd, Nippon TV did a 2-hour prime time special about Joe, aptly named the "McMoneagle Special."

The first "Special" was a great success, with about twenty million viewers and introducing the immediate sellout of Joe's book in Japanese. The show opened with some of Joe's personal history and examples of his viewing during Project Stargate - the General Dozier Kidnapping and Skylab's fall from orbit. They then showed his success in describing a missing young girl and followed his descriptive maps to a location where they believe evidence was found connected to her disappearance which was subsequently turned over to the police. Joe walked the audience through three remote viewing exercises in which a number of participants were able to correctly describe two out of three of the target photographs double-blind.

Joe then drew pictures of, and described details about a target (again, sealed inside an opaque envelope). When he was almost completed with the remote viewing, he recognized the target and correctly identified it as the JFK Assassination. They then showed two final remote viewings he had done for the Special - 1) accurately locating a large residence building in a golf and resort area in China, housing North Korean women, one of whom was the missing daughter of a woman now living in Japan; and 2) his description of what happened during a famous and unsolved robbery of an armored car in Japan in 1975. In his comments, Joe stated that contrary to belief, only 295m Yen had been taken and not the 300m Yen everyone believed. This turned out to be correct.

This Special was so successful, Nippon TV decided to have a second "McMoneagle Special," which will be airing Dec. 18th on Nippon TV (Channel 4), again during prime time. We are headed there this week for the final shooting of this show, with the studio portion of the filming taking place live this time - from 9 - 11:00 p.m. in Tokyo. As ever, it will be fascinating to find out which people they were able to find with Joe's remote viewing results. For everyone who's been asking about seeing the shows - sorry, but they're just shown in Japan, as the programs are in Japanese. Should they ever get translated and shown in the U.S., I'll let you know!

Joe's Stats

For those of you who like statistics, as of December 6, 2004 (with the exceptions noted below**), Joe has been filmed remote viewing 72 total targets for television. Here's the breakdown of his RV success with the 72 total targets:

Japanese successes overall: 29 out of 43 = 67.4%
    a) Japanese finding missing people: 11 out of 22 = 50.0%
    b) Japanese other targets: 18 out of 21 = 85.7%
Other filmed RVs: 24 out of 29 = 82.8%
Total overall RVs on film: 53 out of 72 = 73.6%

Joe's currently running about 3.6% above what he claims as a high average (70%).

**These figures do not include the last four targets he did for the upcoming Nippon TV "McMoneagle Special," as we don't know yet what the results are from those.

National Geographic Channel - "Naked Science"

Joe did an exceptionally clean remote viewing at the Laboratories for Fundamental Research in Palo Alto, while being filmed live by National Geographic cameras. This was a unique event, in that three film crews, a law firm, two sets of judging materials, and a number of different hotels were utilized to keep all of the participants separate, and to control the events as they unfolded. Extraordinary steps were taken to insure double-blind conditions were met and maintained. In addition to the remote viewing, they were also able to capture the blind judging by Ed May, which resulted in a "First Place Match."

Watch for Joe and Ed May to appear on this National Geographic Channel Special called "NAKED SCIENCE," likely on a Wednesday evening. We don't have a date yet, but this will probably air sometime just before or after Christmas. Watch your TV listings!

Lastly, Joe is featured in an article I wrote for the book, Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide for You in 2005, which is now available in bookstores. The article is titled, "Astrological Profile of a Psychic Spy," and covers some of my astrological insights about Joe's unique talents and personality as shown by his natal chart. As you might imagine, though he manifests the typical practical, responsible and successful sides of Capricorn, Joe is definitely one of a kind!

Here's wishing all of you a safe and joyous holiday season...

Nancy "Scooter" McMoneagle

A Japanese magazine cover featuring Joe from many, many years ago!

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