Happy New Year, Everyone!

Guess whose birthday it is this month.  Go on, guess!

I hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of 2004 as much as we are. I'm delighted to report that Joe is still pain-free as a result of his neurostimulator implant back surgery this past August. As ever, we send thanks and blessings to UVA's Dr. Jeffrey Elias who wrought this miracle!

Now - onto the winter update:

On December 1st, Joe was on German TV's ARD “Gedankenubertragung - Koku-Reihe” Dimension PSI “Thought Transfer - Documentary Series.” I don't know if it will be aired again, but if so, you'll know what to watch for! Here's what their "TV Guide" said about the show:

"Can telepathy be used in the military? For decades the Secret Services of the Soviet Union and the United States of America have been exploring just that, during the Gulf War in 1991 for example. American PSI-Agents were used to find the location of Saddam Hussein through Remote Viewing. A PSI-Spy tells it all. Joseph McMoneagle worked as a PSI-Spy. 45 mins. 22.30."

RV in Japan

Joe and I recently returned from Tokyo, where Joe once again displayed his world-class remote viewing talent for Part 5 of the Japanese TV show, "Chounouryoku Sousakan" - loosely translated as "FBI: Psychic Investigator." The show will be airing in Japan on Nippon TV (Channel 4) on January 17th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. It's our understanding the show will also be available on video in video stores in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo.

How It's Done

As done previously for the other shows, the Japanese gave me the name and birth data (when known) of four targets - the missing people they were looking for, which I then put in sealed envelopes, and identified with target numbers. On a sticky note attached to each envelope, I asked for a description of the target and the target's location. This is the sum total of what Joe has to work with. I never share any target information with Joe, because it's important for optimum remote viewing results that he be kept blind to the target. And despite the fact I often don't know if the targets are male or female or any other facts about them, I am not in the same room when he does the remote viewing.

In what has become the standard pattern, Joe remote viewed the targets from our dining room in Virginia for the Japanese film crew. The crew knew the names of the people he was remote viewing, though the targets' locations were unknown to everyone. After Joe completed the remote viewing, the film crew then returned to Japan and with the help of a detective, used Joe's directions, descriptions, drawings and drawn maps in order to locate two of the targets (they didn't have time to look for all four of the targets). I'm very pleased to announce that with Joe's remote viewing input they found one of the missing people! Here's the scoop:

The Target

This target was a 67 year old female who was the missing biological mother of a woman who had been adopted when she was a little girl. All she had to go on was her mother’s maiden name. Based solely on the name (as ever, hidden in a sealed envelope), Joe provided the description of the woman, and a city with the details on how to locate a house within that city. Using these descriptions and maps, a Japanese detective and film crew were able to identify a city that matched the descriptors, and they were able to find the specific streets located in the city which matched the descriptions of the identifiers that Joe provided.

The Investigation

Following these descriptions and directions, they eventually found a house which matched very closely the house which Joe had sketched in detail. The house had a mail box affixed to the wall with a name on it that was the same as the maiden name of the woman they were looking for. The local records department showed that the woman’s age and place of birth also matched those of the missing woman. They contacted the woman and found that she was, in fact, the mother of the woman who was looking for her mother. She has since made contact with her by mail and they are currently being reunited - as mother and daughter. They are still following Joe's information as they search for the second target -- a young boy, whom Joe correctly described and saw as being abducted from his home, which sadly, is exactly what happened.

The Live Challenge

During the studio filming portion of the show, one of the panel members, a well-known martial artist in Japan, tasked Joe with another remote viewing. He was asked prior to the show to stop on the way to the studio and have his picture taken somewhere unknown to anyone in the audience or in the studio. He and his manager did so. He kept the pictures of this location and the fact that he had done so secret from the other panel members, as well as from the audience. Towards the end of the show, the martial artist came to the front of the camera and stated that he had stopped somewhere unknown to anyone else but himself and his manager, and he then challenged Joe to describe where that place might have been.

The Living Proof!

Joe took a few seconds to clear his mind, then taking a single white card approximately 18 x 18 inches, he drew a second floor walkway which he said ran parallel to a large wall of two-story glass. Joe said the wall of glass ran from the ground upward to the roof and the second floor walkway was suspended back away from it, so that you could look down onto the first floor and through the wall of glass to the outside, like looking through a large wall. The wall of glass ran the length of the building. The walkway also ran the length of the building. Joe stated the man was standing on the second floor walkway and looking downward, and that he had his back to a curved and heavily decorated wall. This curved wall ran back away from him toward his right side. The left wall ran flat to his left. The wall was designed so that one could walk along the second floor looking downward along the first floor and through the glass wall to the outside. Joe said he wanted to call it a “sports arena” but that was not what it was, as it was too narrow to be one. He said at the far end there were two large, barn-like doors of glass and wood.

Clearly, it shook the martial artist "Outbounder" up, when Joe described it. When the Outbounder was asked to produce his pictures he did so with some amazement. His pictures were almost exactly like Joe’s drawings. They showed a second floor walkway looking down onto a showroom floor in front of a wall of glass where automobiles were displayed. He had been standing on a second floor walkway looking down onto automobiles lined up along a wall of glass in a showroom. It is called “Sports Arena Auto” or “Sports Auto Arena” or something similar, which is why he was so shaken up by Joe’s description and statements! The wall directly behind where he was standing was also distinctly curved and very decorative. At the end of the walkway, there are two very large doors where the cars enter that are enormous doors of glass (with no wood, however). The man was visibly shaken by the experience.

As you might imagine, given all this, plus what the other American psychics did on the show, the Japanese were very pleased with the results, and so it's quite possible there will be a Part 6 coming later this year!

And then, in France...

Our French friends will be happy to know Joe will be appearing in a TV documentary in France on Canal Plus, January 19th, 2004, at 11:00 pm local time on a show called "Les Lundis de l'Investigation." This show includes a double-blind, live on-camera remote viewing which was also very successful. Joe once again did the remote viewing from our dining room in Virginia while the Outbounder target persons (people he was asked to target and describe as to their location) were in Paris, France. Atomic clocks were used in both locations to track real time by the camera crews in Virginia and France.

On the Radio

Mystery Science?

For those interested in UFOs, Joe will be giving a talk at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada on February the 9th. You can check out their website at: http://www.ufocongress.com.

RV Info

Information about Joe's remote viewing and media can be found on the Remote Viewing pages of our website: http://www.mceagle.com/remoteviewing/. Website updates are also noted on our announcements board in the TKR Remote Viewing project: http://www.tenthousandroads.com/wbbs/.

I hope all of you have a truly fulfilling New Year!

With warmest wishes to each of you,
Nancy (Scooter) McMoneagle

A Japanese magazine cover featuring Joe from many, many years ago!

Nippon Television (Channel 4)
Airs January 17th, 2004
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in Japan