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Greetings from the gorgeous hills of Virginia, where the magnolia blossoms of summer are already gracing us with their magnificent, snow-white blossoms! What follows is an update of Joe's latest public remote viewing activities.

Japanese TV

Joe made his eighth appearance on the Japanese TV show, "FBI: Psychic Investigator," along with psychics Nancy Myer and John Oliver. Geobiologist and dowser, Stanley Dobrowolski, also had his talents featured on this program. The show aired on April 10th, 2005 during two hours of prime time on Nippon TV and was a great success, viewed by 15.1 percent of the viewing public throughout Japan.

During this show, along with the excellent work of Nancy, John, and Stan, the results of Joe's remote viewing efforts describing and locating some missing people were presented. Keep in mind that, as ever, Joe does the remote viewing of each target blind - that is, the name of the target (and birth data, when available) are placed in a sealed, opaque envelope, and no one knows where the targets are.

The Targets

As per our standard method, the Japanese gave me the targets' names and birth dates, which I then placed inside sealed envelopes, identified each with a target number, and then asked Joe to describe each target and the target's location. Production personnel from the show flew to America where they filmed Joe at our home in Virginia as he did the remote viewing of the targets.

Joe's first task was to remote view the father of a young woman. Her father had been missing since she was a young child. With only the sealed envelope as a target, Joe correctly described the man, and provided detailed directons on how to locate him within the Osaka area of Japan. Joe provided hand-drawn street maps of the neighborhood, and drawings of some of its major identifying features, buildings, structures, roads, and train station.

Returning to Japan with Joe's drawn maps and detailed information, the film crew and a detective were able to follow the directions Joe provided and located the neighborhood he described. They then did interviews with the local citizens who directed them to the home of the missing individual living in the area, where he was then found. The missing father has since been communicating with his daughter by mail and phone conversations. It is expected they will eventually be reunited.

Joe was asked to locate a second missing individual - a young woman who had gone out to register for college one day, but who instead reportedly boarded a plane for South Korea, never to return home. Again, targeting only a name and birth date in a sealed envelope, Joe successfully described the individual, but then stated that she had never left the country. He described her as living in an area of Japan which most closely matched Kobe.

With detailed instructions about the location, the film crew and detectives were able to ascertain through investigation that in fact, a woman “who only looked like the young girl” had actually boarded the plane in her place, and the missing girl's passport had not been used. Following up on the detailed location in Kobe, they were able to find a building [residence] exactly as Joe had drawn it, precisely where he said it would be found, but the girl was not located. At the time of the show, they were still pursuing leads in this case.

At the end of the show, Joe was challenged on camera to demonstrate his RV ability by targeting two surviving members of the Om Cult who are still fugitives at large from the subway terrorist attacks some years earlier – a man and a woman. Joe surprised the studio audience by stating his belief the woman nad probably been dead since almost immediately following the attack on the subway system. Joe’s drawings for the location of the man were determined to have put him on a specific island group in southeastern Malaysia, an area already known to harbor terrorists.

They showed another target Joe worked on during a previous show, where they had found a particular building he described. They built a model of it and showed it in the studio. It was interesting because when Joe originally drew the building, he could’t figure out why there were no outside doors to the upper level apartments. When they spun the model around on the stage, you could immediately see why. The building was built in on the side of a mountain hillside, so there was kind of a platform on the upper floor which could’t be seen from the back side. Joe drew only the front side, which was exactly like the front of the actual building. It was a very interesting result. Unfortunately, the target person had moved, so they are still looking for him, but now there is a solid lead.

Sweden RV Workshop

Joe and his long time friend and associate, Ed May, Ph.D. conducted a Remote Viewing Workshop sponsored by the “John Björkhem Memorial Foundation,” which was held on April 23-24, 2005, at the Brygghuset Lecture Hall, Hamburgersalen (Hamburgerhall), in Stockholm, Sweden. There was excellent attendance by many members of the Swedish Society for Paranormal Research-SPR along with interested people from the public.

A full day’s presentation on Saturday included a brief rendition of the history of remote viewing research, examples of some of the more significant research studies, as well as examples of a few of the Star Gate Project results, all followed by discussions. Sunday was a fully interactive day, with many of the participants taking part in a research project where Ed and Joe attempted to achieve a significant result by testing as many of the people in the room as possible at remote viewing under controlled conditions, to include blind judging. This was accomplished while carrying on a thoroughly invigorating discussion on psi theory throughout the remainder of the day.

While the result achieved a remarkable .38 result for 20 people, it was not significant because of insufficient numbers (low power). It did, however, exceed the effect size for the Ganzfeld data base. Had they been able to test more people (36+) and had the same result, it would have been hugely significant. It was an amazing and enjoyable workshop, with fascinating conversations and discussions among the participants lasting long past the workshop sessions, through the lunches and coffee breaks, and likely thereafter!

In answer to those of you who have inquired as to what I've been up to - in addition to my work and travel with Joe and doing astrological chart consultations, I'm writing for Ivanhoe Broadcast News, and have also been writing some articles, one of which may interest anyone who's ready to stop smoking. My article, "Stellar Ways to Stop Smoking" will appear in Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide for You in 2006, which should be available soon in bookstores.

Wishing all of you a safe and inspiring summer!

Nancy "Scooter" McMoneagle

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