1. Joseph McMonEagle translates to me as the imperial Thunderbolt from the Schwartz Sonne. Rome symbolism for the Eagle on the Dollar bill. Have you ever heard of or know Kingdon Brown a.k.a. Brian Seabrook? He did Remote Viewing before the Guvmint’ Called it that. 1988. From a group titled Knights Templar Aquarian Order. He is ex-CIA. Lot of syncronicities and wisdom surrounding MONtauk happened during the time. Lot of fucked up underground Military action in Arizona then. And Now Petrica?! Do you know him?

  2. Dutch Uncle Advice**

    I notice you have ‘Previous Post’ and ‘Next Post’ above the ‘Leave a Reply’ link. On my laptop with the tiny screen, the Reply section is off the bottom of the screen so I have to scroll down to find it.

    You may want to put links to previous and next screens below the picture, and bump up the comment section so it appears without scrolling.
    **Dutch Uncle Advice;
    Your ‘Dutch Uncle’ is someone who is not related to you in any way, and who is not in any way entitled to give you advice. You did not ask him for his opinion. Nevertheless, he gives you an opinion anyway and seems to expect you to follow through on it. SO…
    Feel free to ignore this (and all other) Dutch Uncle Advice, 😉

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