1. To Joe mc moneagle, from id mike_kinch, I need your help because the future has been changed to nothing in 2 years or Earth being the trade capital for the milky way galaxy. I know you can check , but it will be easier if you give me a call.

  2. Hi Joe & Scooter,

    I’m working on a documentary on intuitive/psychic communication. I read some of your books and found them very interesting, to say the least. If possible, I’d like to talk to you a bit about the project and see if we can feature you on it.

    SJ Harris

  3. Joe,

    My name is Rick from dfw, tx
    I have researched a lot of people on different subjects and I would like to give you some of these names to see if you would look into them.
    One thing here – what if we are just characters that have came down here to play this game of life, that like we create what we want to experience.
    Please look into some of these people and you just might learn something new.

    George Green
    Simon Parks
    Mellon Thomas Benedict
    Yvonne Ballard
    Robert Stanley
    Also a bunch of NDE experiencers that I can give you names of, one of which is you.

    I would like to point out that you did contradict yourself when you started saying that – God is the light, you now are saying God is not the light. Please listen to Yvonne Ballard on here NDE experience

    These are just a handful of people that I have looked into, I have so many more people that have my curiosity to learn from
    Here is a one hit wonder song that I wrote – We the People of this World
    It’s about – tyranny, from any government around this Wirld is not acceptable anymore, World Freedim is Now, and the last part of the song/message is this – Freedom, think about it, Freedom should be for everyone around this World. Life is to short for it not to be.

    Take care,
    Rick M

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