1. Joe,

    This is for all you “Ole soldiers” who been having your bodies torn up over the years. “Its not the years, Its the mileage” (Clint Eastwood). I thought you and all your long time compatriots could use this info “Please Share” (Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, Mel Riley, Paul Smith, David Morehouse, etc., Dick Allgire, Glen Wheaten, etc.. (yeah, I know).

    The wear on your bodies and brains, nervous systems, kidneys, heart, vision, etc., over the years.

    Re: All your surgeries and Bone Pain. Investigate Dr.Joel Wallach (prominently on YouTube.com) former Veterinarian international researcher. Listen on YouTube type in “The Power Hour – NBA Basketball Star, Theo Ratliff – August 2012” Joyce Riley RN 50:48min/sec.

    It’s about the 16 year career of a young Laker who had suffered from so many bone break injuries, slipped hip cartilage, 5 or 6 surgeries when he was retired by his team at his 6th year and what he did to repair and rebuild his body so that he could play against players weighing up to 300lbs, 60 lbs more than he. He is healthy today when all the other retired athlete he runs across have all kinds of ailments heart, bone, brain, nerves, etc.. He got 10 extra years (total 16 years) among the longer career players and an extra $80,000,000. Dr. Wallach says “”You best believe, His (Theo’s) wife loves me”, she pats me on the head and gives me a big hug”.

    He thanks finding out about Joel Wallach a former Nobel Prize nominee.Dr. Wallach helped Former Ambassador Andrew Young at 80 years old, regrow his bone on bone knee cartilage and avoid the double knee replacement surgery he was scheduled for, in 3 months (90 days).

    Check his complete BIO; you will be surprised. He was told by Jerry Lewis’s Office manager that Jerry was FIRED by the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation after he insisted they investigate Wallach’s years of research and successful patient case records for MANY Muscular Dystrophy patients, that he gave Lewis over 2 years. An Amish community plagued by it, and KeShan’s disease in China which was related to it, in which the Chinese government adopted measure he told them to address the occurrence of the disease.

    Type into YouTube: Dr. Joel + [Any type Illness]


  2. Prof. McMonEagle,

    I just saw your interview on Applications at New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove. Splendid stuff, especially about General Doziers assessment from info in his file and acknowledging there should be a class teaching indiviuals vulnerable to abduction, “How To Think” to aid in their own rescue. Its a grand pity if that type of input was ignored.

    P.S.: Happy belated Birthday, (another Cap)

    P.S.II: I forgot you can include Angela Ford’s name for that health info above. I just saw her on a tape of CBS Good Morning America video 3/18/2018.

    Look up Fucoidz

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