1. Just finished reading the Stargate Chronicles– To Joe M, thanks so much for your long service to the United States. Good on ya!

  2. i’m a girl from Egypt Africa, a freelance researcher, Search for a scholarship to get a master’s degree, I’m now working on a very important and exclusive research in the field of parapsychology finished half the research on my own.”asummary of the research plan
    The IBRAHIMIC Religion’s Views Towards the holy figures behavior between Reality and Myth.
    The behavior of holy figures (miracles) has always been discussed either by a believer or a disbeliever . It was never been studied scientificly , The current research is to discuss such be haviour (miracles) scientifically I objectivelly .
    The research Focuses mainly on The human mind Paranormal “parapsychology” and compare results with popular myths , the research tries to show the differences between real miracles and fake fables.” I have a variety of activities through my study, I help people regain the activity of “soul and Body” through the M series Present on Facebook by preparing, presenting and directing videos in audio and video, “as a lecturer, trainer and supporter of people in the soul of science”, do you have any help to achieve my dream of having a scholarship, “any exception in the laws” of an aspiring researcher with the exclusive ideas to offer to humanity,

  3. Hi Joe , you probably don’t remember me, but you taught remote viewing and I was in The class, I still have the picture of you and me, I learned how remote viewing is done, and added to other things I had. I have learned many other things. Then I started to climb an invisible latter, The results allow me talk to 150 other like me, but on there home world all at same time. As result they are coming to Earth to make it a trade capital for the milky way galaxy.the problem is someone has kill one fleet and Will kill more fleet’s with out from alien’s here on Earth. My phone number is 1 865 356 5846. I tell you more so that you can prove that it is real.

  4. Hi Joe
    Have you ever viewed the pyramids in Bosnia? These are over 40000 years old. I wondered if they were built by the Mars descendants? I visited them 2 years ago. They have been covered up and the authorities do not want them digging up……….

  5. I have had ghost attack 14years ago.
    I wrote the mail to you and many other people.
    Thanks to help me.
    I don’t know you help me.
    I still listen ghost voice.
    I don’t know what is the purpose of ghosts.

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