1. I have been listening to your multiple speeches and am completely fascinated with your skills.
    Do you have a schedule of events? Have been looking for that information.
    Iā€™m a filmmaker. I do understand basics of quantum physics and listen to top scientists daily.
    Thank you

  2. Remote viewing has the potential to help mankind in many ways but I feel too much attention is given to technology. I have multiple autoimmune disorders and wonder what kind of remote viewing projects could help man overcome disease and improve health especially mine.

  3. Hi Joe, I left comments on other pages. In them I said I need your help to save Earth and another 149 home world’sā€‹. I need help because some one took out 1 fleet of 12 ships do warp drive in 1/10 of second, and being as the fleet was coming to Earth to talk to me as the other 149 fleet’s too. Who every took out the fleet Will know it was coming here. So will be next to be all kill. That’s 7 billions live depends on you to save all of us. You can say that you can’t do it then all you have to is tell the Lord, that is who I answer to.

  4. I love all on the images on your site, like the time piece above, the ibex and the lovely, loving portrait of Joe and Scooter. I look forward to the blog. Blessings to you all.

  5. Dear Mr McMoneagle,

    Would you be so kind as to recommend one or two ethical remote viewers to me. I am trying to locate a lost piano
    from the l970’s in the Cleveland, Ohio area.


    And not meaning to waste your time

    Alan B Palo, M.D.

    1. i have been remote viewing for years just in a different way. Joe Moneagel your my Hero!!! Mind olympic Champion Night in Armor of THOUGHT space. I want to share my story with the Monrole Institute. My wish is to meet Joe Moneagel

  6. Dear Mr. McMoneagle,
    I’m trying to contact you in order to request your permission for Fran Grace (who took a remote-viewing class at The Monroe Institute in which you made an appearance) to reproduce 29 (twenty-nine) words from “Memoirs of a Psychic Spy.” At your convenience, would you, please, contact me? Thank you.
    With every good wish,
    Joe Shaw
    Senior Editor
    Cypress House

  7. Test Comment:
    I tried leaving a comment before, but WordPress seemed to insist that I have a WordPress account before letting me post a comment. Very curious!
    So I opened a WordPress account to test this theory. If you can read this, it is apparently _true_ that one needs a WordPress blog to post a comment…

  8. Hi Joe & Scooter,
    I have been reading your books for a few years now, and have been trying out Remote Viewing with some success as a hobby–
    While doing RV one day, I had an idea for a standardized test of RV innate ability. It would be free to use, since anyone who reads a description of how to do the testing would be able to do it without specialist equipment or materials. I have been testing and refining the method on myself, and have about 6 months of data so far.
    In my case, results seem to indicate that my RV ability is better than statistically random results, but not amazingly good– I am having fun with it though! šŸ™‚

    The trouble seems to be, how to tabulate the results from my method into a standardized score.

    Do you know of anyone who would be willing and interested in looking at my data and see if I have the right ideas for scoring it?

    Thank you for writing about your experiences, and your life, in this very interesting field of study!

  9. A personal target you will enjoy
    07.10.2010 location 51Ā°37’28.5″N 4Ā°12’18.7″W

  10. uk date 7th October 2010
    1 hour time frame
    Joe this is up your st, I hope you get time to take a look
    thanks Jon

  11. Sir. Morning.

    I have serve in the Army in the past. I am trying to make better decision going forward in my Personal life. I am requesting your personal expertise.

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