1. We would like to team with your new website. We are about to engage in an international experiment that pools together people of various talents with a single purpose. It will costs only the participants time – no physical travel will be involved. This is intended to be a significant human event. As you are aware The Global Consciousness Project shows as few as 500 untrained people meditating at once have made significant global impacts. Imagine if several thousand gifted people all engaged at the same moment? Our goal is to unite 150,000 gifted individuals.

    1. It would be an honor for me to join your group. Off course I’m not so talented like Joe McMoneagle but my hit rate is ok for the short time of 5 years since I’m into remote viewing 🙂 Reply to this post if you are interessted in my talents like remote viewing, out of body, lucid dreaming etc. I can do out of body experiences without hemi sync or other tools. All I need is a comfortable and relaxed body state to do it.

      Would be cool to read a reply 🙂 Kind regards and greetings from Switzerland (Berne)


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